How to improve your Street Appeal

Did you know that it only takes 8 seconds for a potential buyer to sight your home and peak their interest?

That is why it is so important to present the outside of your home in the best light!

To start, walk across the street and take a long, hard look at your place.  Does it stand out for the wrong reasons? Is there something that needs to be repaired or replaced? Think of how a potential buyer may view your property for the first time.

Here are 4 areas you should concentrate on to inspire buyers and improve the saleability of your home.


Treat your main entrance to a makeover, nothing is more welcoming that a freshly painted timber door in a colour that works in with the rest of the exterior.

Be careful not to offend people with your colour choice. If in doubt use a colour that is already in use on your exterior.


Planning on doing some planting of fresh foliage to dress up your garden? Then carefully consider plant selection in relation to your colour scheme.

Chop back overgrown bushes and trees and make sure your pathway is clear for easy navigation to the front door.

Mowing the lawns regularly and sweeping up autumn leaves is most important to maintain the image of a well kept and loved home.


While you are out there on the street being objective, examine the window coverings on all windows that face the street.

Are they in good repair? Do you have mispatched curtains mixed in with tired old blinds?

Your street appeal will be much more impressive if the window treatments all match. If you don’t wish to go to the expense of updating, at least take down what you have and live without any coverings, that will look better.


This is a relatively inexpensive upgrade you can do and will impress drive by inspections. Ensure you select a style that suits the design and colouring of your home and looks smart alongside the garden or fence.

Remember that it is not only photo day that your home needs to be “best dressed”, once you are on the market, you need to keep it up. People often drive by to eyeball the property even before coming to an open home, so you want your place to be first on their list!

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