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Tania Bell, Principal

How Tania has earnt the right to be here today...

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Tania is a graduate of RMIT Interior Decoration & Design and a member of the Design Institute of Australia

She is passionate about colour in design and ever since she can remember, has been viewing the world through her coloured glasses. So much so she is now an official colour consultant for Inspirations Paint!

Tania attributes her love of colour to her mother who once painted the interior of their whole house in an apple green - it was the 1970s after all!

Tania's passion for interior design has been greatly influenced by her rich and varied life experiences which she believes translates into her designs and enables her to produce totally unique outcomes.

A seasoned traveller in her youth, Tania worked as a golf caddie in rural Japan and spent time in England where she managed a luxury leathergoods counter in London's prestigious Harrods department store.

Tania has an extensive knowledge of tiles and bathroom renovations having spent time working in the industry. She believes that this experience sets her apart from other interior decoration and design specialists and enables her to apply practical tips and ideas she knows will work for her clients.

Her husband is a building supervisor and has been in the industry for over 25 years - his experience provides Tania with a great insight into the technical side of building. Combining her creative interior design talents with her husband's practical building skills is a great asset while working on an interior design project close to her heart - a home renovation of her own. Tania and her husband are currently renovating their 1970's dwelling set amongst the trees at the base of the beautiful Dandenog Ranges.

Green Room Interiors has sound working relationships with many companies in the interiors and building industries including Patterson Homes, Qestbuild Builders & Designers, Beaumont Tiles& Inspirations Paint

Call Tania today and make an appointment to discuss how Green Room Interiors can empower you to step outside your comfort zone and create the colourful livings spaces to make your heart sing!